Career options within the travel and tourism sector

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The travel and tourism sector of India supports the livelihoods of millions of people across the nation. Ensuring a gratifying experience for the travellers and tourists by providing quality services to them is the sole objective of this sector. There are various career options one can choose from after pursuing a travel and tourism course from a good institution. If a career in tourism is what interests you, have a look at the following options briefly mentioned below:

  1. Travel agencies

Those agencies are basically third parties that make travel and tourism arrangements for the individuals, families, business parties on behalf of the airlines, hotels, railways etc. Such agencies are extremely common these days and the travellers shift the tedious work of making booking and reservations to these agencies.

  1. Hotels

Hotels provide accommodation and food services to the tourists and travellers and hence need a huge team of people who are professionally trained. Those interested in managing the workings of a hotel usually pursue a hotel management course from a reputed institution.

  1. Transport sector

Many people after successfully graduating from a school providing tourism courses in India prefer to work in the transport sector. As the name suggests, this sector provides transport services and enables travellers to travel from one place to the other hassle-free.

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  1. Airports

Those with a degree in travel and/or tourism can also work as the ground staff members needed at the airports. Knowledgeable and skilled professionals who can guide the travellers in the most efficient way possible are needed at the airports. Within this category, there are various types of jobs and career in tourism available one could choose from.

  1. Tour operators

Such individuals have the responsibility of organizing tours for their clients and also often take care of their accommodation. Those with a pleasing personality are suited for such roles.


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