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Spheres of the Hospitality Industry

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Broadly speaking, the hospitality industry can be categorised into three spheres namely: ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Accommodations’, and ‘Travel and Tourism’. By it’s very definition, the hospitality industry is all about the business of customer service and gracious entertainment. This is carried out through the main three aforementioned arteries of the industry.

Read on to get a brief understanding of the three wings of hospitality if you’re keen on signing up for hospitality management courses –or simply for a better understanding of the world of hospitality!

Hospitality Industry

  • Food and Beverage

Since times immemorial, the word hospitality has been associated with food and beverage. And so, the food and beverage industry forms the crux of the hospitality industry –be it a small food truck or a 5-star restaurant. A spectrum of services comes under this section of the industry. Moreover, it can also go hand in hand with other spheres of hospitality. Training from hospitality management courses can equip one to enter the food and beverage industry, and cater (literally and metaphorically) to impeccable customer service.

  • Accommodation

Yet another integral aspect of hospitality is that of accommodation. Whether it’s a chain of 5-star hotels, a bed and breakfast, luxury resorts, or simple old motels, accommodation is at the heart of all hospitality. Efficient, prompt, thoughtful and attentive customer care forms the basis of all hospitality. You may attend a hotel management college to learn the various aspects of the management of such establishments and enter the field of hotel management.

  • Travel and Tourism

While food and beverage and accommodation form important segments of the hospitality industry, that’s not all there is to it. When it comes to travel and tourism, transportation plays a key role. From taxis to airplanes, trains and ships –transportation is essential to enable and propagate tourism, thereby earning a central role in the hospitality industry.



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Hotels, resorts, motels- all these places offer travelers and visitors spaces for relaxation. They provide facilities for making people stay comfortably.

Hotels I believe are the commonest of all, and we have heard about hotels the most but the hotel management institute in India prepare managers for all of them. We won’t hear of the terms “resort managers” and “motel managers” as much, but can we imagines places without managers?

People make hotel management career not to serve the customers of hotels only but of all those places which involve servicing the public. And although they perform the common act of servicing the visitors, they have to adapt themselves according to the different environment of different places.

Hotel & Resort

Here’s a list of some of the differences between hotels and resorts.

  • Land: The resorts are spread out over more land as compared to the hotels. Not that hotels are smaller in area, but resorts are really like those houses of riches where you will have ever everything from a separate kitchen to a separate dining room and living room.
  • Activities: With more land, comes more activities. A hotel may have a small fitness room and business center. But the world of a resort is huger. In addition to the general room service, resorts also have one or two restaurants or lounges. A resort generally also provides amenities for sports and music events. It may also have a large spa and large exercise room.
  • Location: Hotels are generally located at popular destinations such as near airports and railway stations of major cities Resorts on the other hand are located in midst of natural and picturesque surroundings.

After all this, you would prefer resort over hotel, won’t you? Well, if you’re going on a vacation you really should go for a resort. But for a one-two night stay, hotel won’t disappoint you either!

The advantages of a career in the Hospitality Industry

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Are you planning to enter the world of Hospitality? Or you are skeptical about your decision to take admission in one of the available hotel management courses? Here’s a list of reasons why you should not worry about your decision, and for the ones who are still planning to get into Hospitality should go ahead at once! Check them out:

Career in Hospitality

A people’s person job

If you are a people’s person then you are bound to enjoy your career in this industry a lot. It involves a lot of activities which would revolve in helping people enjoy themselves, interacting with them, taking care of their problems and networking with lots of people. It is a great satisfaction to be in constant touch with so many people at one time and it’s always exciting to meet someone new. Even if you are not particularly a people’s person, I believe you’ll get to like this kind of interaction.

Dynamic career

Forget about the regular 9-5 jobs! Once you successfully complete you Hospitality Management course, your life will never be bound by a routine. Some call it hectic but for some it is exhilarating and liberating. You will be required to work in a situation where no two day is same. Every day there is a new challenge that you have to manage efficiently. So break free from the routine with your career in Hospitality!

Growing Industry

Tourism is growing across the world and hence a career in Hospitality involves a lot of international prospects. The industry is growing more each year owing to Globalization and you can find an array of career directions from with the industry, which is all set to grow and bloom, making your individual growth opportunities brighter.

Hotel Management: Is it Really like Zack and Cody?

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So if you’re anything like me –and by that I mean if you’re a 90’s kid- then your idea of who a hotel manager is and what a hotel manager does stems from watching ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’, am I wrong?

A hotel management career to me seemed like having to handle two mischievous little kids as they go about destroying and creating havoc in an otherwise gorgeous and seamless hotel, or handling a haughty rich heiress as she tirelessly scandalises… Yes, my unfortunate understanding of the inner workings of a hotel all came from a television show.

In fact, my naïve little outlook on the matter was so pervasive that when I heard of a distant relative going off to a hotel management institute in India –I was rather excited at the prospect of all the glorious adventures she’d get to experience!

Hotel Management career

So you understand my excitement about wanting to know every little detail of her hotel management career. Now, when the reality of the matter hit –you can only imagine just how devastated I was! Meetings? How boring! Where are the wild goose chases hunting for naughty little boys! Bah, what an utter disappointment.

But, as I soon learnt, though there weren’t a couple of twins running amok, hotel management does actually have a lot of interesting things going on! From meeting people from across the globe, interacting with new people, learning about new cultures, to the late-night camaraderie fun and frolic, the easy access to mouth-watering 5-star gourmet delicacies and what not, hotel management really was as interesting as I’d thought it to be –just a tad less television and a lot more realistic!

So, while my understand was wildly contorted, it wasn’t actually that far from the truth –going to a hotel management institute in India is now totally worth it in my head!