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Hotels, resorts, motels- all these places offer travelers and visitors spaces for relaxation. They provide facilities for making people stay comfortably.

Hotels I believe are the commonest of all, and we have heard about hotels the most but the hotel management institute in India prepare managers for all of them. We won’t hear of the terms “resort managers” and “motel managers” as much, but can we imagines places without managers?

People make hotel management career not to serve the customers of hotels only but of all those places which involve servicing the public. And although they perform the common act of servicing the visitors, they have to adapt themselves according to the different environment of different places.

Hotel & Resort

Here’s a list of some of the differences between hotels and resorts.

  • Land: The resorts are spread out over more land as compared to the hotels. Not that hotels are smaller in area, but resorts are really like those houses of riches where you will have ever everything from a separate kitchen to a separate dining room and living room.
  • Activities: With more land, comes more activities. A hotel may have a small fitness room and business center. But the world of a resort is huger. In addition to the general room service, resorts also have one or two restaurants or lounges. A resort generally also provides amenities for sports and music events. It may also have a large spa and large exercise room.
  • Location: Hotels are generally located at popular destinations such as near airports and railway stations of major cities Resorts on the other hand are located in midst of natural and picturesque surroundings.

After all this, you would prefer resort over hotel, won’t you? Well, if you’re going on a vacation you really should go for a resort. But for a one-two night stay, hotel won’t disappoint you either!


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