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4 travel-related jobs you should give a thought about

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They say that if you wish to meet new people, understand their cultures and serve them exceptionally, you should go on to become a part of hospitality industry and deliver customer service to a variety of people coming from versatile backgrounds.

But I think  a career in travel and tourism does pretty much the same job and fosters similar skills of service and hospitality in you as the top 10 hotel management colleges in India do.

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The travel and tourism courses do not only give you the opportunity to make a career in travel industry, but they also come up with a wide scope of knowledge and exposure to different corners of the world. Often we are unaware of wide range of career opportunities that the travel and tourism industry offers us. Here’s a list of some of the jobs that can be taken up.

  • Travel agents: A travel agent is one who makes tickets for all kinds of journey- be it railways, air or ships. He also take cares of the visa and passport formalities. A travel agent may also be engaged in arranging for travel related accommodations.
  • Tour operators: Tour operators are also travel agents but they’re more into booking tickets and accommodations for special holiday packages. They take care of all the entertainment and sightseeing sites, and may also be involved in arranging for cars and coaches.

Travel agency

  • Travel guides: The popular tourist destination places are always in requirement of friendly and knowledgeable people to lead the tourists! So if you enjoy making new friends and are capable enough to brief people of the places, be their guide.
  • Destination wedding photographer: Destination weddings have become hit among the people and they’re in need of photographers who can travel with them to the location of their choice to capture their wedding moments.

On the whole, the travel industry has a lot to offer.


Career scope for Hospitality Management Graduates

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The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe. As a subset of it, the hospitality industry has seen similar growth patterns. With a number of jobs available in different fields within the industry, hospitality management is a great option for fresh high-school graduates, or even individuals who are already a part of the workforce and looking to change fields of work.

Especially in a country like India, there are a number of hospitality and travel and tourism courses up for offer. The general trend for breaking into the industry does require a degree or diploma. So hopefuls might take these up and then seek jobs in the industry. Take a look at some of the career possibilities the hospitality industry has to offer:


  • Food and Beverage Management: Wherever there is a provision for food and drinks, there’s scope for management jobs for students from the likes of the 10 hotel management college in India! Ranging from hotels to restaurants, catering services, and what have you, the food and beverage management portfolio is exciting and dynamic. Within food and beverage management itself, jobs could be varied: accounting, finance, customer service, cooking, human resources, etc.
  • Travel and Tourism Management: Taking up travel and tourism courses can afford entry into the world of travel and tourism management. From travel agents to tour guides, museum managers and such, there are a variety of exciting opportunities up for grabs.

Career Paths for Hospitality Management Grads

  • Casino Management: Well, here’s a pretty alluring field of work, wouldn’t you say! However, considering the fact that gambling isn’t legal in many areas, jobs will be confined to certain regions where it is. Responsible for the running of a casino, casino management personnel have some of the most lucrative jobs in the hospitality management industry.

Starting a Travel Agency

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I recently opened my own travel agency. Since years altogether, it was a dream to have my own agency and do what I am usually good at- planning trips! I have done that so many times for my own trips with friends and family, so why not do it for other travel enthusiasts and make a career out of it?

Since I did not have an educational background that could provide me with the strong foothold to start my business, I decided to join one of the travel tourism courses to get an in depth knowledge of the subject and get the right kind of exposure for my start up in the same field.


I am a graduate from a renowned Hotel management college, and I had ideas about travel and tourism. A specialized masters’ course helped me get a direction. Once I was done with my formal education, I found it easy to implement all those I learnt into my business.

One thing that is vital for this business is being proactive with your marketing skills. During my course I was introduced to the important of proper marketing of you agency as no client would walk in with an enquiry. You have to reach out to people and let them know that you exist. Use social media, outdoor ads, and print ads as per your affordability to let your target audience know about your new start up.

Grow excellent communication skills so that you can handle clients and plan their trips. You need to be attentive about their demands and you need to be clear about what you can deliver. This requires clear communication as any kind of ambiguity leads to mistrust. If you are able to satisfy a party, they would probably stick to you for further trips and that is hoe you would procure a long term client.