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Want to Join Tourism Industry?

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We all know that travel and tourism plays an important role in the foreign exchange of the country. For those who do not know, this sector offers millions of employment opportunity in various departments of tourism such as airlines, immigration, travel agencies, tour operators and custom services. So if you are interested in working in this sector, go ahead and make a career in it without worrying about your future. Tours and travel industry basically deals with offering services to people who are away from their home. It could be a holiday package tour, an adventure or a business trip. People involved in this sector have to directly deal with clients on a daily basis. For this they are required to have excellent communication skills and a strong control over language. This will help them to deal with clients in the best possible manner and offer them appropriate services as per their needs and requirements.
Travel and Tourism
To excel in this field, a travel and tourism course can significantly help you in more than one way.
A degree or diploma course will train you in strong communication business management skills, which will eventually broaden the job prospects. After a degree course, you can work as a tour manager, travel agency manager, hotel manager, tourism officer, outdoor activities/education manager, tourist information centre manager, holiday representative or event organizer.

For your course, you should look for the top colleges that offer courses in travel and tourism. Enrolling in one of the top 10 hotel management colleges of India will put you at par from other students. They will not only provide excellent class room training, but will also give you a chance to work in the real environment with their on the job training programs.
So, join one of the top hotel management colleges of India for an edge in your tourism career.


What is Luxury Tourism?

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When one thinks of luxury tourism, they naturally imagine five star hotels, big presidential suites, yachts, with people roaming about just waiting on every whim of the person. But, that is just one facet of this fast growing sector of the tourism industry. What luxury tourism is abut is giving a person exactly what they need, it is personalized, down to adding some unique and unexpected turns. The luxury is actually of viewing something beautiful and something you had never seen before.

Luxyru Toursim 1

Every person has a different definition when it comes to what constitutes as a luxury for them on a trip. For some, it means staying in luxurious areas, eating in Michelin starred restaurants, or for some it means getting to experience something so natural and something they have never seen before. For some it just means getting to be able to travel to any place they want and being able to experience being there.

And even the tourism industry is beginning to understand this side of it, and its growing popularity. There is a growing interest in this side, by travel agents, travel writers and reviewers and even from host places. Luxury tourism is about more than just pointing out the best sight seeing places to visit in a particular country. It is about getting to know that person and then telling them about the hidden gems in a place, or something they absolutely must do or try in that particular place.

There are many ways to enter this industry, one is through taking tourism courses in India. Till yet, there aren’t really any specialized courses for luxury tourism, so this course is quite good enough for this wanting to enter this area.

Luxury tourism 2

Or one could also apply for a hotel management degree from a hotel management institute in India. This would also give one a more diversified and varied experience of different cultures and people.

How to Make a Career in Hotel Management?

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Hotel management is an important part of hospitality sector and offers a range of employment opportunities. After taking a degree or diploma course from a reputed institute, students can choose from a wide range of career options. For example, they can work in hotels, airline industry, retail sector and even teaching. Individuals also have an option to work as an entrepreneur and open their own hotel or restaurant. In hotel management sector, there are a number of job profiles depending on the education and work experience of the individual. However, if you are looking for a successful career it is advised that you start early. Students can start their education in hotel management after completing their 10+2.
Taking the right education in this field is very important. This is because most of the hotels hire graduates who are trained and have completed a degree course.

In India, there are a number of hotel management institutes that offer degree and diploma courses in hotel management. Getting admission in one of the top ten institutes will help you acquire the right skills and knowledge required to excel in this profession. All these institutes are recognized and affiliated either by Govt. of India, UGC or AICTE. After completing the course, students can get a job in food & beverage company, front office operation, management, housekeeping, marketing, sales or any other related department.

Just like hotel management, tourism is also an important part of the hospitality sector. Jobs in this sector are more than ever before. If you want to pursue career in this field it is important that you take a course in tourism. There are various tourism courses in India, ranging from certificate and diploma courses to degree courses in tourism. These courses give you the right knowledge and skills required to make a great career in this industry.

Become a better host!

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The hospitality sector is essentially about taking care of each of your guests with warmth. Service is one of the most important factors that determine whether your restaurant or hotel would be successful or not. For instance, just recently, I went to have lunch at a newly-opened restaurant with my cousin. The manager asked us for our feedback after our meal, and when I gave an honest feedback regarding the pasta being undercooked, he deducted the cost of the pasta from the bill. This simple, thoughtful act on his part is what would make me visit that place again.

One of my friends who is currently pursuing a course in food and beverage service from a renowned Indian Institute of Hotel Management dreams of having her own restaurant one day. She says that apart from focusing on preparing the best quality food, she would pay attention to every customer of hers. Being neglected by the staff in a restaurant is the last thing we want when we are out to have a good time with family or friends. Hence, good food and valuing her guests would be her objective when she has her own restaurant.

While I am sure you must have learnt everything in the hospitality management courses, here are some tips for becoming a better host to refresh your memory:

Better host

  1. Greet your guests with a big, genuine smile that shows that you really are happy to have them dine at your place.
  2. Ensure that the tables are clean and supplies like salt, pepper, and napkins are already there before showing the guests to their seats.
  3. Be quick in serving menu and glasses of water as soon as your guests are seated.
  4. Make sure every guest is being taken care of, even in the busiest hour.
  5. Nobody likes to wait but you could use innovative methods to keep your guests busy and happy while you take your time to serve their food. For instance, complementary snacks or creative games on the table can make waiting bearable.
  6. Be aware! If your guests need anything, they should not have to wait for someone to take notice of them.

Hotel Management Institutes- Building Careers

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The service industry is growing in leaps and bounds with every passing year, along with the travel industry. With increased globalization and improved international business relations, and sudden prominence of digital tourism, there has been a boom in these two sectors. The industry predicts for them to have an outstanding growth rate over the years to come. This has led to an increase in the number of travel and tourism courses in India which are now being opted by students. Similarly, the hospitality industry is seeing a growth in the education front as the two are inter-linked and often several people switch in between these industries.

hotel-management-building career

Hotel management Institutes in India are designed to provide its students with skills with which they can cater the needs of various job responsibilities in this field, be it hotels, restaurants or the travel industry. Check out the two main ways in which these institutes develop a successful career in the hotel management field:

Skills in particular areas

In hotel management, the problems that arise are unique and diverse; also the industry is complicated as customers expect nothing short of perfection. From handling the smooth functioning of the company to maintaining effective customer relationships, skilled personnel is required who can take care of each sectors efficiently. The courses train the students to be adept at handling the various aspects in this huge industry.

Career Paths for Hospitality Management Grads

Industry insights

These courses prepare the students with latest industry updates and trends. An outsider often misses to follow such trend but for someone who is actively a part of the industry, certain key insights are crucial and their knowledge is a must for those who are aspiring to make a career in this path. If you are equipped with all the relevant knowledge of the industry you are in a better position to work in practical life.