What is Luxury Tourism?

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When one thinks of luxury tourism, they naturally imagine five star hotels, big presidential suites, yachts, with people roaming about just waiting on every whim of the person. But, that is just one facet of this fast growing sector of the tourism industry. What luxury tourism is abut is giving a person exactly what they need, it is personalized, down to adding some unique and unexpected turns. The luxury is actually of viewing something beautiful and something you had never seen before.

Luxyru Toursim 1

Every person has a different definition when it comes to what constitutes as a luxury for them on a trip. For some, it means staying in luxurious areas, eating in Michelin starred restaurants, or for some it means getting to experience something so natural and something they have never seen before. For some it just means getting to be able to travel to any place they want and being able to experience being there.

And even the tourism industry is beginning to understand this side of it, and its growing popularity. There is a growing interest in this side, by travel agents, travel writers and reviewers and even from host places. Luxury tourism is about more than just pointing out the best sight seeing places to visit in a particular country. It is about getting to know that person and then telling them about the hidden gems in a place, or something they absolutely must do or try in that particular place.

There are many ways to enter this industry, one is through taking tourism courses in India. Till yet, there aren’t really any specialized courses for luxury tourism, so this course is quite good enough for this wanting to enter this area.

Luxury tourism 2

Or one could also apply for a hotel management degree from a hotel management institute in India. This would also give one a more diversified and varied experience of different cultures and people.


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