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Preparation Required to Become a Travel Agent

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I have always been interested in the hospitality sector and wanted to make a career in this field. So, when I completed my 10+2, I started looking for various career options in this field. One of my friend suggested me to do my graduation in travel and tourism. He told me about various colleges that offer courses in hotel management, travel and tourism. Doing a course is very important as most of the employers prefer students who have some prior knowledge of this field. I wanted to become a travel agent, so I started my preparation accordingly.

There are a number of hotel management institutes in India that offer courses in travel and tourism. Students can choose from a certificate, diploma, graduate or post graduate course as per their choice and convenience. I chose for a  three year bachelor degree program, for which I heard a lot. The course was very comprehensive and covered various topics related to the field. Some of the subjects taught during the course include principles of tourism, hospitality law, world geography, marketing and customer service skills. Students are also given training and send for internship programs to get practical experience. For internships, they are send to leading travel industries and the experience they get here is very helpful in the future.

If you are also planning to do a tourism course in India, you should join any of these hotel management institutes to gain proper knowledge of the field. Besides doing the course, there are some important skills that travel agents must possess. Strong communication and customer service skills are a must for all those looking for a successful career in this field. Good knowledge of geography and an interest in travel is also important. Travel agents should also have good listening skills so that they can carefully listen to what tourists are saying and answer to their questions appropriately.


Think Out Of the Box

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Do you really want to slog yourself in a nine to five job? I think most of the youth of today are shunning the traditional career options to go for the more uncommon career fields. Students are more focused on their passion and not going by what the ‘popular’ career options suggest doing. I had always wanted a different job for myself and traveling has been my passion since a long time. I looked for tourism courses in India and decided to take a two year full term course. It made me aware of the multiple career avenues that can open after a travel and tourism degree!

Hotel Management

I get to travel across the world! Yes, the world. My work takes me around the globe and I get to explore new cultures and landscapes. Not many people get this kind of an opportunity, and I am lucky enough to have secured a job in this sector! You could go for an MBA after a tourism course to help you get a managerial background in case you want to open up something on your own somewhere in the future. Not only this, an MBA will help you land in marketing jobs in travel agencies and companies if you have a marketing specialization. This will take you to places and you will be far from a mundane job.

If you want a broader prospective to the career, you can go for any Hotel management institutes in India, and specialize in travel and tourism. This would help you get the knowledge of a range of topics under the hospitality spectrum and you can explore all those career options as well!

Think out of the box and ditch all the traditional career fields. It is your passion that will drive you work at the end of the day!

What are the Qualities of a Hotel Employee?

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A career in the hospitality industry or the tourism sector is one of the most sought after careers. This might be because it unlike the routine jobs of the nine to five range which although stable are but monotonous. The hospitality sector on the other and offers really exciting and challenging jobs that are more seemingly more satisfying to the younger generation. It is also a very varying industry, where one has a big range of career options to choose from like cooking, hosting, managing or even in the recent times professions like marketing and finance too. But it can also be a very taxing career and thus one should have certain qualities before contemplating a job in this area.

A hotel management college usually helps one with preparing them for a career in this industry. The educational factor and practical experience both help one to become more knowledgeable about this industry and how it operates. Also, during the course, students get to see how each department works and this can later on help them in deciding on which area they want to pursue a full time job in. however one must also develop certain qualities on their own, either during the course or outside it, that would let them be better employees in tqUALITIEShe hospitality service. These skills or qualities will make it easier for the person to do their job.

One should be committed since there are a lot of obstacles and hard days in this profession. A career in hotel management is exciting but it is also very hard and one has to slog before getting anywhere. One should also be social and good with interacting with people, since most of the work in this industry is making sure that they guests are happy. In a way, employees of the hotel are its ambassadors who can affect how the public perceives the hotel itself. So, as an employee of the hotel, one must be aware of their actions.