Why Learn a Foreign Language for Career in Hospitality

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A career in the hospitality industry is something that is preferred by a lot of people. There are many perks to it that attract people to it, there is the challenging factor to it, and it’s a creative area yet allows one to know how to work in the corporate world. A career in hospitality is such a universally accepted one, that the skills taught here can be applied in a number of different occupations. More than anything, this profession allows one to almost perfect their interpersonal skills, which is an important skill to have in any career.

Any hotel management college will educate their student in various different departments and areas which make up the hospitality industry. One will learn about the different ways to handle different responsibilities and duties, skills and qualifications, that will help one lead a successful career. One such skill is learning a foreign language.

A lot of employers look for people that can cater to a large and diverse amount of guests without difficulty. In a profession like hospitality, where one is in contact on a daily basis with people from all over the world, having a good grasp on two or more languages apart from the mother tongue and English, is always appreciated.

People looking for a job in this sector, can go much further in this career quickly if they have this added advantage of knowing a foreign language. And just knowing English apart from one’s native language, is no longer enough. In today’s globalized world, it is quite necessary to be multilingual. Not only is it a helpful skill but also raises one’s standing in front of a potential employer. Sometimes a hotel management course will teach students a foreign language in the course only. Here are a few reasons why its needed:

1. Build Connection:

This is perhaps the most significant reason for the popularity of being multilingual. It has been seen that guests, especially international guests or clients, feel more at ease if they have someone who can communicate with them in their own language. This allows them to relax and be assured that their needs will be met.

2. Shows Intelligence:

One can find in any of the top 10 hotel management colleges in India, that the teachers will stress on every student having at least a conversational grip on a foreign language. What this does is that it shows high intellect which will then translate to the employee being a competent and dependable person.

3. Shows Cultural Acceptance:

The fact that one has taken the time to learn the language of another culture shows empathy and acceptance of that culture. This could work in favour of the employee and allow the client to be pleased with them.


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