Understanding the Travel and Tourism Industry Better

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The tourism sector is an integral part of the Indian economy and contributed around 6.6% to the nation’s GDP in 2012. Not only does the sector already support the livelihoods of millions of people, but also has scope for more. There are many leading institutes in India that provide courses in travel and tourism to prepare the students for a career in the industry. A person with a degree/diploma in tourism can get jobs in travel agencies, hotels, online portals, airlines and cruise lines, as well as the Ministry of Tourism.


Apart from a passion for travelling and a strong interest in learning about new places, it’s important to work on one’s interpersonal skills if one wishes to thrive in this sector. Good selling skills is yet another aspect one needs to work on in order to excel in this particular industry. To enter the industry, the first step would be joining one of the leading travel and tourism courses in India. There are Bachelor, PGDM, as well as diploma courses being offered by many institutes and one must choose one of the best ones to kick-start one’s career. The selection procedure varies from institute to institute and many accept the scores of common entrance examinations, especially for PGDM courses.

While one may consider joining one of the distance courses available that are also highly convenient and economical, they do little to help you get closer to your goal. The regular, full-time courses offered by institutes like AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism are much more value-creating and thereby help students advance on their chosen career paths. Also, one stands a better chance at being placed in renowned tourism companies upon pursuing a regular course from a well-known institute.

A PGDM in tourism is usually taught over four semesters wherein teachers focus on areas like basics of the industry, geography of tourism, tourism in India and abroad, tourism services, IT in tourism, foreign exchange, human resource management, ticketing, destination management, and all other concepts that are directly or indirectly used in the industry. Since soft skills are indispensable in an industry such as this, many institutes offering tourism courses in India hold regular classes for teaching soft skills.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to start looking for a travel and tourism course that can help you accomplish your desired goals or help you gain entry into your choice of travel company. All the best!


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