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Top 5 Profiles You Can Take Up After A Hotel Management Course

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Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries today. In this era of globalization, the hotel owners are opening newer hotels in cities all over the world, and this has led to an ever growing demand of professionals who can serve their guests.

There is no denying that the career opportunities for those pursuing a hotel management course are varied. Because hospitality is an integral part of other sectors like airlines, cruise, travel and infrastructure- hotel managers are demanded everywhere.

While hotel manager sounds like the most popular profile related to hotel management, there are several other roles and responsibilities that a hotel management graduate can get exposed to. If you’ve graduated from a hotel management college, here are top 5 profiles that you can take up.

General Manager: The main aim of a general manager is to increase the overall effectiveness of management. A general manager is responsible for training, counseling and coaching the selected individuals about disciplinary values, strategies, communication values and all that it takes to be a valuable professional in the hotel industry.

Resident Manager: As the name suggests, resident manager lives inside the hotel and may need to stay on call day and night to resolve hotel related issues. A resident manager works closely with the general manager and helps in the profitable running of the hotel. He carries out detailed plans for sales and marketing and staff, and also deals with security problems and safety hazards.

Housekeeping manager: A housekeeping manager supervises and manages all the housekeeping executives. But that’s not all. He actively participates in guests’ complaint management and takes all the necessary actions required. He manages the daily activities of the department and makes the staff work for maximum guest satisfaction.

Front office manager: Front office managers provide administrative support to the hotel. He is responsible for maintaining a professional work environment and ensuring completion of front office duties. Everything from reservations and guest services is taken care of by front office managers.

Convention service manager: A convention service manager works to synchronize the needs of clients and helps coordinate meetings and events that take place on the hotel property. Generally convention service managers reserve conference rooms and organize banquet and catering service for their guests.
The bottom line is that hotel industry has a plethora of job roles to offer to hotel management professionals. AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism, which is one of top 10 hotel management colleges in India provides degree as well as diploma courses in hospitality, catering to different career goals of different students.


Job Prospects With a Degree in Travel And Tourism

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Today, jobs in travel and tourism sector are more than ever before. The industry provides employment opportunities to millions of people worldwide. It is a huge industry and includes areas like immigration, airlines, government tourist department, custom services, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels etc. These are the direct jobs in this sector. Besides this, there are a number of indirect jobs such as catering in airlines, tourism promotion, laundry, interpreters and guides at tourist locations.
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