Job Prospects With a Degree in Travel And Tourism

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Today, jobs in travel and tourism sector are more than ever before. The industry provides employment opportunities to millions of people worldwide. It is a huge industry and includes areas like immigration, airlines, government tourist department, custom services, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels etc. These are the direct jobs in this sector. Besides this, there are a number of indirect jobs such as catering in airlines, tourism promotion, laundry, interpreters and guides at tourist locations.
Career in Tourism
For all those who have an interest in working in any of the above areas, planning a career in tourism would be great option. They can make their first step by doing a degree course in travel and tourism from a reputed college. A degree course will prepare them for a range of jobs. Listed below are the job profiles one can work at after completing a degree course in travel and tourism:

Holiday representative: work of a holiday representative is to help people with holiday packages and assist them with any other information they want regarding their tourist destination. Representatives have to make sure that everything runs in a smooth manner and that the clients enjoy their holiday to the fullest. They should be able to resolve any problem or handle complains that might come during the holiday. Holiday representatives get good salaries and enjoy a number of employment benefits such as free accommodation, meals, travel and food allowance. One must know that the role of a holiday representative is not office based and thus not like a nine to five office job. Employees may have to work for long hours or at times on week-ends.

Tour manager: tour managers are people who organize tours and accompany people on their holiday. They do all the travel arrangements and make sure that the clients face no travel or any other issues from the beginning to end of their tour. To ensure this, they must have in-depth knowledge about the places the client will visit on his/her tour, such as the history and culture of that area, restaurant and markets, weather conditions and recreational facilities that the tourist can avail. The job is perfect for people who love to travel a lot.

Tourism officer/manager: main job of a tourism officer is to attract more and more visitors to a particular site and promote tourism in that area. These officers work in public and private organizations, apart from being employed by the local authorities. They have to perform a number of functions including marketing and development of tourism products and services.

So, with a degree in travel and tourism, you can work at the above job positions. Besides this, hospitality sector also offers a number of opportunities for people who want to make a career in hotel management.


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