Customer Service in Tourism Industry

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Tourism industry is largely dominated by the service sector. Majority of employers and human resources managers are most concerned with employee training related to customer service skills and attitudes, followed by the tourism & hospitality knowledge, computer proficiency, communication skills, leadership or management skills, and personal development. A key issue for the employers has been inculcating the right service attitude among the staff with different backgrounds and experience. The degree of service offered by the various employees & staff has a significant impact on determining the tourist’s overall experience. Such people include the tour operators, staff at airports/bus station/railway station, taxi operators, travel and ticketing agencies, hotel staff, staff at heritage sites, and tour guides among many others.

Tourism Industry

The change in the tourism value chain, through new emerging technologies and tourist trends, has generated altered demands on tourism employees. According to recent studies, the tourism sector lacks well-trained intermediate-level staff. The employers need to identify the skill need trends at the micro-level of work practice to sustain in this highly competitive business. Every individual segment, whether holiday design, tour guiding, travel bookings, travel agent support or business trip organization, has specific skill requirements. But the significant skill requirement generic to all these segments is interpersonal skills. Customer service, and hence customer orientation and professionalism, are priorities. The Government has taken a great initiative to promote responsible tourism in the country and to inspire confidence of foreign tourists in India as a preferred destination through its national campaign of “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

The evolution of tourism has been accelerating globally. Hence, there arises the need to improve the degree of service across various operators in tourism industry of India. The emergence of new qualifications, in employment areas and operations within tourism, call for new or adapted skills. There are many government approved colleges and private institutes in India that offer industry-oriented travel and tourism courses. Keeping in mind the trends of the present-day Indian tourism industry, these reputed institutes edify travel courses at both graduation and post-graduation level. Specialized diploma programmes also exist for tourism professionals who are already employed in this thriving sector so that they can strengthen their professional skills in the field of customer service. The tourism courses in India are comprehensively designed to enable students excel in customer-facing roles as well as backend operations. The industry requires the best resources and staff to cater the growing requirements of the tourists, particularly when they are advising and dealing directly with these clients.


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