Why a Career in Hospitality Should Be Considered

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Hospitality industry is growing at a tremendous pace and the reasons are not hard to guess. With 1.9 billion people already in working in the sector, it is one of the biggest industries leaving a mark world-wide.

With global chains of hotels opening all around the globe, the scope for both vertical movement and movement across geographical territories is huge. The sector is intrinsically diverse with a wide scope of opportunities for growth. Based on creativity, it has an interesting history to its credit.

Man has been on the go since quite some time now and at all points of time in the history of travelling, he has looked for a place to stay and have his food. Till date, despite a huge degree of evolution, the basics of hospitality are creating satisfaction for the customers- whether it is in respect of food or lodging.

For those with a passion for the profession, it is enjoyable despite the long and tiring hours that need to be put in the initial years.
The sector is notorious for its love for socialization. You get to meet and interact with people from different walks of life and people from different nationalities. There is nothing more enriching than learning from such a multicultural environment.

Give below are a few points on why to go for a career in hotel management:

People centric- The industry revolves around the happiness of customers and the satisfaction of making someone’s day a bit better than it was is an unparalleled driving force for most who feel passionate about the field. It doesn’t matter if you work at the concierge or if you are a kitchen porter, you are doing your bit.

Creative- In the hospitality business, you are creating something or the other for your customer. You can look for innovative ways to make your customer’s experience more enjoyable. The scope to create is huge. Do give the sector a best shot; try getting a formal training at a good institute of hotel management.

Break from 9 to 5- A job I hospitality doesn’t require you to get up at 7, eat the same breakfast and do the same repetitive stuff every day. You get a variety in slots to work and a variety of work you do in those slots.

Perks of the trade- You get to stay in these wonderful chain hotels at a discounted rate if not totally free and you get to rub shoulders with stars and celebrities from a wide range of fields. To add on, gourmet meals become a part and parcel of your everyday life.

Keep it noted that hospitality management courses from premium institutes like AAFT provide students with the much needed education in order to make them future-ready. Employers prefer students with a degree in the field.


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