5 Things to Ponder on Before Pursing Hotel Management

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Hotel management is undoubtedly one of the best courses on offer at the moment. There has been a trend of students showing inclination towards professional courses than academic, and the hospitality and tourism sector over the years has admitted 4 times the students than they used to earlier. However with the increased number of people joining the course, cracking the entrance and getting through a reputed college is becoming a toughnut. This blog shall cover few queries an aspirer has before entering the arena of hoteliers.

Hotel Management

Here are 5 things to think of before getting enrolled in hospitality management courses:-

1. It is essential to maintain a jolly and helpful nature at the workplace for hoteliers. You will have to maintain a healthy and positive decorum to tackle the howling and shouting customers. In spite of your personal grievances, at the hotel you will have to maintain a happy status quo.

2. This work field is not subjective to timelines and the duties are pretty flexible.  In the holiday season you might just get only 4-5 hours free, and the rest you will have to be running to and fro to make sure whether all the guests are attended properly and the events planned are executed in the planned manner. So if you are a person who believes in defined working hours, then hotel management is never going to be your cup of tea.

3.This is one arena that allows you to work in almost all the divisions. From room keeping to accounting to event management – you will be entrusted with diverse responsibilities. This helps you to pick up your own field of interest later. However one should be aware of the fact that growth is not that fast here and promotion may take years.

4.Salary in this field for the beginners is not that promising. However the perks are endless and this job isn’t thankless. You might get an opportunity to run an important event all by yourself and you end up brushing shoulders with a celebrity!

5.This job might require you to shift to different places across the globe. Ensure that you are open to timely shifting.

These are the few things that you need to ponder on before enrolling into hotel management institutes in India. Study well!


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