Tourism Jobs: Why Professional Training Counts

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For those of us who need a dynamic job profile, there is nothing better than travel and tourism. It is worth mentioning at the outset that the dynamism is not just in mobility but also a kind of life one leads. It is rife with new challenges and thereby pushes the limits of one’s problem solving and critical thinking, by pushing you off the comfort zone everyday.

This is what makes a career in tourism lucrative for those indeed passionate about the field. But like all other professions, training from a professional institute goes a long way. The reasons for the same are spelled out below:

Faculty: Good faculty is pre-requisite for laying a strong base. Teachers help students in guiding them through the career path and also helping them grab the best of internship and job opportunities.

Market: The job market respects people with an aptitude but a professional degree is what most recruiters look for. It provides them with a sense of security and to be honest, it actually sharpens up skills required to make the cut. Institutes such as AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism provide an excellent course structure that gives an in-depth understanding to students as to how the industry operates.

Alumni: Another major plus obtained by joining a school is that of its alumni network. Any good school is just as good as its alumni. A robust list allows students to be connected well with the best in the field. This further helps in not just finding better mentorship but also better jobs. It is no secret that people are often seen to be biased towards people from their institute, of course that is not to say that merit does not count.

Once prepared for the future and the challenges it holds, the area offers a vast scope of growth both vertically and horizontally.  Some of the best jobs in the industry are travel agent, hotel manager, spa manager, tour operator, event and conference organiser, tour guides, executive chefs, PR manager, sommelier and leisure activity co-ordinator, etc.


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