A Profession In Travel And Tourism

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Hospitality and tourism are two very upcoming fields across the globe. People love to travel and explore the world; a big part of having a good holiday has a lot to do with the kind of hospitality you are offered. The travel industry has increased massively over the years. This has a lot to do with the emergence of a successful and well earning middle class. The job market had increased; hospitality and tourism are great career options, people aren’t confined to just becoming doctors, lawyers or engineers anymore. A career in professional courses such as these are very time consuming and entail a huge amount of hard work.
There are many different types of travel and tourism courses in India. Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism have a vast variety of curriculums to choose from. Their faculty is very experienced and will give you the knowledge you need, to be successful in the world of hospitality. You must have a lot of patience to do well in this line of work.

Hotel management is another field that is highly in demand. With a hotel management degree, you could work as – a hotel manager, assistant manager, at the front office, in the catering department, in the housekeeping department, in the accounts department etc. You also have options like – club manager, fast food joint manager, airline catering and cabin services etc. There are a number of top quality hotel management colleges in India that ensure a successful career in hospitality. It always helps to attend such courses as it gives you a more detailed view of the particular course; it helps you get good placements and teaches you important tricks and skills to be successful. Time management is very important in such a line, and hence these courses also teach you how to manage your time efficiently. Some of the recruiting sectors are – hotels, railways, resorts, cruise ships etc. Since this is such an upcoming filed, the job market is huge, giving you the opportunity to get a well paying job.


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