How Travel & Tourism Sector is Attracting Youngsters

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Travelling, and not being a tourist has found ways into the minds and lives of many, especially youngsters. Blame it on movies like Into the Wild, but travel goals have certainly become a part of everyone’s bucket list. For some it is a mere escapade from regular life, but for others it is LIFE in itself. They roam around, collecting memories and souvenirs, with the promise of making the next one better than previous. While most enjoy living life in two days off from work, others pursue their passion and convert this passion to a job!


Here are a few reasons why this sector has been garnered with much attention

There are tons of opportunities in this field, and each of them is more attractive and thrilling than other. You can become a photographer, travel expert, travel blogger, wildlife enthusiast, travel agent, tour operator, cruiser and what not! Every opportunity is larger than life, and simply amazing.

9 to 5 is nothing less than a lost concept now. Students are driving away from corporate jobs due to limited learning and mundane existence. They’d rather go for something dynamic that keeps them on their toes and makes the face a different challenge every day. It’s any day “dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” Hence they end up choosing tourism courses in India for a better future.

Exploring the unexplored, getting acquainted with nooks and corners of the country that belong to you, interacting with localites and so on. Just step out of your home stay and start walking towards any direction – travel to explore not that places which are already famous, but those spots that really communicate with you.

Exposure will not be limited to national boundaries. If your hard work speaks for you, you will get opportunities to work overseas as a photographer or as a travel journalist for leading travel houses and journals etc.

On the similar lines, there are other courses such as hotel management which is yet another stellar arena. Pursue the course from top 10 hotel management colleges in India or tourism colleges to make your education count.


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