5 Myths about Hotel management— Busted!

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Seldom do people know that there are careers beyond MBA, medicine, and engineering and offer an equally great scope as a career path. Hotel management is one such career option, which is not considered lucrative by the older generation but with a sudden boom in travel and tourism industry, it has opened great career options for the present generation.

There are several myths attached to a hotel management career, which is actually not true. Let us dig a little deeper into the matter and have an attempt to bust all these popular myths.


Hotel management is just about cooking and serving food

Cooking and serving food is an important part of hotel management course but this is not just it is all about. Hotel management also involves cleanliness maintenance, front-office maintenance, drinks and beverage management, event management, and maintaining marketing and sales. Hence, there are several career paths that one can follow in hospitality management.

You are only restricted to work in the hospitality industry

The career avenues are numerous in the hospitality industry. From accommodation management in hospitals and care homes to working in cabin crew and airlines management, the hospitality industry offers you a myriad of options to choose from. A career in hotel management can be an exciting experience for a person.

It is a less paying job

Don’t you think that it is true for every career? While embarking a journey on particular career path, one comes across several ups and downs in the beginning. Stability comes much later. You cannot expect to earn a million bucks, right from the start. If you are good at work then you will start getting what you deserve after some time.

Women do not have good career prospects in this field

This one is the biggest myths of all that women cannot do well in the hospitality industry. It is rather women who have come out as exemplary managers for several hotel chains. They are natural multi-taskers and can handle critical situations with much more ease than men. The past decade saw women making their mark in the hospitality industry and it is expected that this scenario is most likely to go on the upward curve.

Hospitality management is a booming industry in the current scenario. If you think that you have a pleasing personality, good communication skills, and a natural ability to troubleshoot problems then you should definitely go for it.


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