Career paths in Hospitality Management

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The definition of a successful and fulfilling life varies from person to person. For some, making a career in corporate world is what they really dream of. Some dream of living a more peaceful life in a small town and there are others who like to live a semi-nomadic life where they get the opportunity to travel different places every month. If you are somebody who falls in the last category then a career in hospitality management is best suited for you.

Hospitality management career may sound quite exciting but it is challenging at the same time. If you are planning to make a career in tourism and travel industry then here is a break for you.

Travel management: This is perhaps the most exciting job in hospitality industry. The job portfolio includes travel agents, sales manager, tour managers, and cruise directors. In most cases, the travel managers travel along with the tourist, which gives them a great chance to travel the most exotic places. Since it is a well-paid job, the candidate should have done a hotel management course to apply for this profile.

Casino management: This is yet another exciting job portfolio in hospitality industry. Casino management is a lucrative position but it is also challenging at the same time. They are the one who are responsible for facility management, security, staff management, and entertainment management within the casino. It is an extremely time demanding job and some night shifts can be really exhausting sometimes.

Social media manager: You might be surprised to notice this one on the list but it is true that social media has marked its presence in the hospitality world as well. With major brands making their debut on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, social media management has become an integral part of hospitality advertising and PR management

Besides the above mentioned job portfolios, there are a plethora of job opportunities in hospitality, which includes travel writing, restaurant management, staff management, and many more. If you are currently pursuing a degree in hospitality then you better pick your area of interest soon.


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