Hospitality Industry In India: Career Scopes

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Hospitality is one of the traditional industries of India as we have a long history with travel  and tourism.  Tourism has grown over large over the years in India after the effort from governments and travel and tourism companies. Due to the versatile geographical and cultural backdrop of India, the country is largely popular as a travel destination all across the world.  We have made our mark internationally as a big brand of national  and international tourism and this industry has made a major contribution to economic development of India.


Travel and tourism courses in India have attained a high importance in the world of education. This is one of the most highly pursued educational stream in India. Hospitality industry has reached a new high with the inclusion of some of the major players in the market. Some of the biggest companies are managing big Hotels, Casinos and restaurants in the country and therefore have brought in some brilliant and highly paid job opportunity to the graduates trained in hospitality business. The business has grown strong and has now its roots deep into the running economic scenario of the country. The opportunities are not just limited to hotels and tourism management but has also expanded to the scope of cruise management, Event management and lodging management.

Hotel management is a small category of of the hospitality industry where there is a limited responsibility of managing one particular section of tourism Industry.  Travel and tourism course in India helps the student broaden their horizon into all the aspects of hospitality. Students learn to  manage travel agencies, Casinos, hotels and restaurants all at once. This helps them to be a versatile manager and gives a better progress curveto their careers.


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