The Scope of Travel and Tourism

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India is a very large country with great cultural and geographical diversity. It is historically very rich and has been a mysterious and most searched for land since the beginning of  time. Letely our government and people of the country have realised these facts and have utilized it to promote travel and tourism in India. Every state is now busy developing its own trade technique for strengthening their tourism department and trade  through it. This has led  to development of travel and tourism course as a professional study in many universities. It has inspired hundreds of students to participate and try to be a part of this vast and exotic industry.


Tourism is a very exciting industry to work in as it has many perks associated with it. It is a very vast course as compared to a hotel management course. Travel and tourism includes hotel management, travel management, restaurant management, travel planning etc. the most important perk of  this industry is  you get to visit some of the most beautiful locations in world. PArt from this you get  to manage some of the world class restaurants or hotels, which gives you the chance to meet some great people and enjoy some of  the world’s best food and beverage. The hotel management institutes in delhi provide nice placements to their students in some of  the most exotic locations.

The scope is very high for students  pursuing the travel and tourism course. If they have the smartness and willingness to work in any type of  terrain the industry promises great rewards. The tourism industry has a long way to go as it is still in its developing stages, therefore there are great opportunities lying ahead. The investments in the industry are going to be larger in the future which secures the expectations of the people  who are willing to be part of the business.


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